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2020 Turtle Muster

Turtle Muster 2020

The Annual Turtle Muster at Kaiela Arts Shepparton is back!

2020 Online Launch Friday 22 May and the Muster continues until 31 August 2020.

It’s easy to be involved:

1. Buy a Turtle Tile making kit in our online shop and we will mail it to you.

2. Watch our instructional video on our website from May 22nd and learn about fresh water turtles

3. Make your Turtle Tile.

4. Post a picture or short video of you and your Turtle Tile with #turtlemuster

We will stream an end of Turtle Muster 2020 party at a date to be fixed.

Participants of the 2020 Turtle Muster may receive a request from Kaiela Arts Shepparton to republish images submitted using the #turlemuster hashtag.

We would love to hear from your Turtle Muster experience. Please fill out the survey at: https://culturecounts.cc/s/Turtlemuster2020

The event is finished.

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