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Established in 2006, Kaiela Arts is an Aboriginal art centre located in Shepparton situated on the traditional lands of the Yorta Yorta Nation. Our work drives important outcomes for both our artists and the broader Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal community.

Jack Anselmi standing in front of his charcoal works

With a rich Indigenous heritage, the Kaiela Dungala (Goulburn Murray) region is home to many talented artists

We provide an important space for local Aboriginal artists and the community to connect to culture through the arts. We strengthen community by sharing culture, learning from our past and empowering future generations.

We live and work in two worlds. Our gallery and shop is a point of sale for the work of our artists. We connect to all by sharing knowledge with art and objects that carry stories of Country, Traditions and Aboriginal people in a contemporary way.

Kaiela Arts differentiates itself as promoting the traditional linear and Xray styles of the South Eastern Aboriginal people. These styles come from Country and resonate thousands of years of culture practiced in this region. Kaiela Arts artists reference these styles in contemporary expression using traditional and contemporary art making techniques which provide a powerful statement of well developed aesthetics and visibility of a thriving contemporary Aboriginal culture in Victoria.

We work with our partners both – organisational and corporate – across two worlds who seek connection to and understanding of Aboriginal culture through the arts.

Kaiela Arts provides an accessible studio and social space for local Aboriginal artists to connect, create and share art with everyone. Kaiela Arts is a welcoming environment in which to connect and learn about local Aboriginal culture and aquire Aboriginal artwork.

We put different ideas together working with lessons from land and nature to create and share high quality artwork that can be commissioned, purchased and shared to build knowledge and understanding.

We are down to earth and authentic  in our business partnership and educational relationships building strong & lasting personal connections

Kaiela Arts, one of two registered Art Centers in Victoria has built collaborative relationships with other art centers across Australia and is one of the 70 or more Aboriginal art centers to be represented at the Darwin Aboriginal Art Fair annually.

Kaiela Artists have been commissioned to produce works that reference Country in major Institutions such as Monash University, RMIT, Shepparton Arts Museum Building and numerous Victoria hospitals and organisational board rooms.

Our History


Gallery Kaiela officially established

To address Indigenous underrepresentation in the Census, engagement officers, including Les Saunders, visit aboriginal homes and notice abundance of traditional art work that is unknown to community.

Artists are given the opportunity to display and sell art work in Shepparton CBD (SPPU building).


Gallery Kaiela becomes incorporated non-profit organisation

Local indigenous artist Clive Atkinson (deceased) is hired to support gallery development, including designing the logo.

Gallery Kaiela gathers momentum (30 artists represented), the board is appointed and funding is secured to employ current Gallery Manager, Angie Russi.


Gallery Kaiela moves into standalone premises on High street

The Gallery not only acts as a point of sale for artists, but also offers an accessible studio and social space for local artists to connect, create and share art.


Gallery Kaiela rebrands as Kaiela Arts Shepparton

Discussions start with Shepparton Arts Museum (SAM) about sharing proposed brand-new location.

Artist representation grows to over 80 artists.

Kaiela Arts publishes the first of two books in Yorta Yorta language and begins experimenting with local charcoal print designs.


Kaiela Arts signs MOU with SAM

Kaiela Arts will remain autonomous but share new premises which is set to open in 2021. Parties collaborate on design.

Inception of Campfire concept –collaboration with Spacecraft to produce charcoal screen print designs and generate new income stream for the 90+ affiliated artists.


Kaiela Arts relocates to SAM

A brand new Gallery and Workshop space on the edge of Victoria Lake, on the ground floor of the Shepparton Art Museum.


Meet our team

Mandy Saunders

Mandy Saunders


Eric Brown

Eric Brown

Front of House Curator


Rhonda Chrisanthou

Education Coordinator

Keneisha Lines Howell

Education Assistant

Andrew Saunders

Gallery & Art Studio Technician / Front of house

Rachel Doller


Our Board

Robert Nicholls


Belinda Briggs

Vice President

Dierdre Roberton


Eva Ponting


Lyn Thorpe

Public Officer

Gregory James

Board Member

Michael Tynan

Board Member

Felicia Dean

Board Member

Meet Our Artists

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