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Healing Country Exhibition

Presented in collaboration with The Grain Store Nathalia, Healing Country has been a series of evening workshops for young Aboriginal people to explore through the arts, the notions of connecting to Country  in a way that is healing for Country and people.

The outcome of these workshops will be exhibited at Kaiela Arts Shepparton and Grain Store Nathalia alongside works by Elders and other artists.

The outcome of Healing Country workshops and exhibition is to encourage young people to connect to Culture, Country and Community while learning skills in the arts. During the past weeks young and older artists alike have worked at expressing what this years’ NAIDOC Theme means to them.

We hope you enjoy the exhibition.


Healing country means finally resolving many of the outstanding injustices which impact on the lives of our people. To heal country, we must properly work towards redressing historical injustice.

The event is finished.

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