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Biyala Bala Kaiela

Biyala Bala Kaiela (Red Gum River)

Many of the indigenous species no longer grow along the rivers due to agricultural practice and in some ways this exhibition will bring them back to life through an art making experience. 

Some of the types of vegetation which once dominated the region were: grasslands rich in wildflowers, herbs, orchids and lilies; grassy woodlands dotted with trees of Grey box or bulokesand wattles; and floodplains with majestic forests of River Red gums, wattles and sedges.

Join us for a celebration and outpouring of love for Country, as we take our art from Kaiela/Dungala (Goulburn Murray), Yorta Yorta Country to share with the audiences on The Mornington Peninsula at Everywhen Art Space.

The event is finished.

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