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Artist Information Session

Kaiela Artists Professional Development Workshops

Professional development workshops and information sessions will be held for artists at Kaiela arts once a month to keep artists up to date with professional opportunities, skills development in both arts business and art making. It is a time for coming together in discussion and learning – a time to ask questions and seek information.


Date: Thursday 8 February

Time: 12.00 noon to 3.00pm

Venue:  Kaiela Arts Studio/Workshop

Attending: All member Artists, Staff and Kaiela Arts Board Reps

Starting a new year on the right foot is desirable and this session is to look at changes and development in contractual arrangements between Kaiela member artists and Kaiela Arts as their representative Art Centre. We will be outlining the year ahead so that you can plan your year of artmaking… remember we are taking work to Darwin Art Fair again in 2018.

The event is finished.

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