Pangerang totem, Platypus – Dylan Charles


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dylan charles
Acrylic on Belgian Linen
50.8cm x 50.8cm
Year: 2024

Pangerang totem, Platypus

This painting represents the creation of the platypus. The platypus was created from a forbidden marriage between the duck and the water rat. A girl was promised to another man but she ran away to be with a young warrior instead. The girls father tried to get rid of the young warrior and told him “come over here, I got food for you”. He sat in the top of a tree and tricked him into opening his mouth. When the warrior opened his mouth, the girls father threw a hot stone in it. The stone burnt the warriors mouth so he ran to the water and drank it to cool him down. The young warrior became the water rat, meanwhile the girl became the brown duck. The Two went on to get married and have children, creating the platypus.