Battle of Wolka Station in Nagambi – Dylan Charles


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dylan charles
Acrylic on Belgian Linen
101.6cm x 152.4cm
Year: 2024

Battle of Wolka Station in Nagambi

This painting represents the battle of Wolka station between pangerang, Ngari illum wurrung, and mebb from Kulin nations, a moon fell out of a tree and the old fullas from kulin wanted warri the Yorta Yorta warrior to teach them magic so they could heal him but Warri was hesitant and didn’t want to teach them his magic in case it was used for the wrong reasons so they had an argument then a trade was broken for woman heart was promised so the tribes went to war. They battled and Kalithaban clan and Wollithiga walked along the river all the way too woka station a broke them up. The warriors threw more than 40 spears and boomerangs at Worri as they threw spears and boomerangs Worri danced through them all using his magic. He moved, danced and dodged the spears. He was only hit once from a spear and struck once from a boomerang. Kalitheban and Wollithiga stopped them and said no more. Business has been done. The old people sat down and then the women come with medicine for those injured in the battle, platypus is pangerang, the turtle is wollithiga and the other turtle is the totem for the yorta yorta. The snake is kalitheban clan. The turtle s breaking them up saying no more, no more. Lay down your spears and boomerangs. It is time for reconciliation and ceremony.