Lyn Thorpe

Lyn Thorpe is a proud Yorta Yorta woman.  Art has always been an important aspect of her life.  As a teenager Lyn loved working with textiles, designing and hand-sewing her own clothes. She has experimented with new and different techniques and styles in making art including digital media by mixing photos, paintings and craft in a digital format.  This process culminated in her first exhibition in Melbourne.  For Lyn, art is more than the object itself, but rather the social connection to the stories and people she works with. She says ‘Art is a pleasure especially for kids, it gives them that space to pull back, to focus on one task at a time and do something meaningful to them.’  Further she states, ‘Art is a valid way  to create or tell a story. It builds relationships and enables people to feel the history of country so they can be more closely connected.’