Lillie Walker

Front Of House
Lillie Walker is a proud Yorta Yorta, Kukuyalanji and Girramay woman. Lillie is interested in all forms of art, coming from a family of artists across many generations, however, admittedly most enjoys performing arts, particularly her passion, singing. Throughout the years, Lillie has been involved in many musical pursuits some include, acting as a senior member of the Dhungala Childrens Choir, being Captain of her school choir in 2023, and most recently, acting as a vocal coach for the 2024 GVGS Senior Production. Working at Kaiela Arts during her Gap Year, Lillie is using this year to explore and learn more about the world. At Kaiela Arts she can do exactly that, learning more about her local community by meeting local Indigenous Artists, getting to learn more about the history of her culture and its different forms of expression, all whilst gaining insight into different factors of the workforce through the inclusion and makings of projects and programs.