Kristen Retallick

Galnyatj Visual Arts Educator and Mentor

Kristen Retallick is a dedicated educator and arts practitionor with a rich background in teaching and creative expression. In her 7 years classroom experience, she developed strong relationships with students, gaining their trust to respond to her innovative teaching methods and encouragement of curiosity and critical thinking.

Transitioning her career into arts facilitation, curation, and production, Kristen merges her pedagogical expertise with artistic vision. With a deep appreciation for the important contributions of First Nations artists and community, in particular young people, she is a long supporter of Kaiela Arts.

As an arts facilitator and producer, Kristen facilitates exhibitions and workshops that provide a space where students and artists feel comfortable to share and learn. She remains dedicated to mentoring emerging artists and educators, nurturing their talents and fostering a vibrant creative community.