Kaiela on the move in 2021 – to remain strong and independent

In early 2021, there will be a new Kaiela Arts space opened in the new Shepparton Arts Museum (SAM) building.

Kaiela Arts Manager Angie Russi is excited about the upgrade, but stresses that Kaiela Arts will remain an autonomous art centre, dedicated to indigenous artists. 

“Kaiela Arts has been supporting indigenous artists since 2006. Our upcoming move into a purpose-built premises is an exciting opportunity to give our artists greater exposure,” says Ms Russi.

“It’s important to know that while we are going to be sharing a building with other organisations, we will remain the same strong, independent art centre.

“We will continue to be a vibrant cultural hub, mentoring artists and allowing them to connect with their culture.”

Kaiela Arts has been discussing and collaborating with Greater Shepparton City Council about the move for several years. 

“These talks have meant that we’re helping to design our space, creating the fabrics for the building’s furnishings and, most importantly, ensuring that we will continue to control our identity and destiny.

“As Kaiela is still separate and financially independent to SAM, we still gratefully accept and require donations to continue the success of our galley. “Please stay tuned for more updates soon.

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