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The project involved five Kaiela Arts artists partnering with four contemporary artists from diverse cultural backgrounds from outside the region, collaborating side-by-side, or in response to each other’s practice. The participants included: Jack Anselmi, Eric Brown, Aunty Cynthia Hardy, Eva Ponting and Lyn Thorpe with Naomi Ota, Sangeeta Sandrasegar, Vipoo Srivilasa and Joseph L Griffiths. Through the sharing of ideas, narratives and techniques, the artists engaged in an exploration of cultural difference and similarity, conflict and connection. The outcome of these conversations and artistic investigations was an exhibition at Shepparton Art Museum in November 2015.

Kaiela Arts Artists are regularly involved in major collaborative projects that are designed to take them ‘out of their comfort zone’ and develop their professional practice. We are particularly interested in projects that foster cross cultural relationships and understanding through the practice of art. Kaiela Arts sees itself as a cultural bridge that encourages people from all cultural backgrounds to connect, understand and experience Aboriginal culture through the arts.

Unfolding over several months the project was a journey of discovery and learning. The project has been called ‘collision’ in reference to a scientific term that describes; an encounter between particles resulting in the exchange or transformation of energy. Collisions is about embracing the value found in risk and uncertainty, as experimentation and vanguard of the new.

Funders of this project include Sir Andrew & Lady Fairley Foundation, Mr Allan Myers AO QC and the Besen Family Foundation.

The event is finished.