Dixon Patten

Board Member
Dixon Patten (Bitja) is a proud Gunnai, Yorta Yorta, Gunditjmara, Dhudhuroa man with bloodlines from Wemba Wemba, Barapa Barapa, Djab Wurrung, Wiradjuri, Yuin, Wodi Wodi, Wolgal, Monaro. As an artist, designer, mentor, influencer and a strong community advocate, Dixon’s artistic practice is informed through a strong cultural value that his family and community have imprinted into his mind, heart, and spirit. His approach to his engagements is much bigger than an artistic visual; it is about the gifts and the influential shifts that creativity brings. Dixon’s narratives often delve deep into familial history, often in celebration and exploration of culture and connection and his willingness to share and learn are informed by the art of Deep Listening, or in his native Yorta Yorta language ‘Gulpa Ngawul’. This practice has guided many of Dixon’s expressions by uncovering the layers, exploring trauma, exploring grief, reclaiming culture, bridging gaps, being accountable, learning to understand and also challenge systems, influencing spaces and learning to celebrate self. He takes his role as a storyteller seriously and feels humbled to continue this strong aspect of Aboriginal culture.