Artist Name: Elders and Artists from Kaiela Arts


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Yalka Lotjpa Nha  is a collaborative book writing and animation project that began in 2017. It is collaboration between writers and artists from Kaiela Arts.  A labour of love and dedicated to the children of the region. Yalka Lotjpa Nha is a companion book to Living Stories – A Trip up the River and is an A to Z in Yorta Yorta language. The exhibition will feature original artworks created for the book, the published book and a showing of the animation. It is sure to be well loved and used by families, schools and community. Writers – Aunties Cynthia Hardie, Amy Briggs & Kella Robinson facilitated by Helena Gibson and supported by Sharon Atkinson. Artists – Tammy-Lee Atkinson, Jack Anselmi, Victoria Webbe, Eva Ponting, Gavin Saunders, Suzanne Atkinson, Tiarne Hall, supported by animation artist, Davidson Lopes da Rosa.