Old River, Ochre Mines – Dylan Charles


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dylan charles
Acrylic on Belgian Linen
101.6cm x 152.4cm
Year: 2024

Old River, Ochre Mines

28,000 years ago, the Cadell Fault happened, a major earthquake on Yorta Yorta country. The Earth rose 200ft high, pushing all the water out of the rivers and flooding the country. The old people needed to move the water, so they got their digging sticks and dug out a section of the sandy banks to let the water flow through. This changed the course of the river. Originally, the river ran through the Ochre Mines. When it rains the ochre mixes together, creating the colours of the Rainbow Serpent. This painting shows the traditional pattern of the river, the zigzag lined design, and the colourful ochre mixing together in the background. This is the old river.