Keep the Fire Burning of Fire Sticks – Dylan Charles


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dylan charles
Acrylic on Belgian Linen
76.2cm x 101.6cm
Year: 2024

Keep the Fire Burning of Fire Sticks

This artwork tells a story of keeping the fire burning. It displays fire sticks Xanthorrhea tree, in Yorta Yorta we call him Bitdja tree, bitdja means fire in Yorta Yorta language. The stalk of the Bitdja tree is a softwood. The old people would go and collect the stork when it was very thick. They would cut the stalk of the tree and split it down the centre and that was used for the creation of fire by rubbing a hard wood into the soft wood to create embers. You would then pick up grass, rub it into a ball, place the hot embers into the centre of the grass, then blow onto it which creates a fire. This year’s theme for NAIDOC is Keep the Fire Burning, to do that we must go back in order to go forward. The traditional way of life is the way we carry on the fire. For our spirit, for our country, it’s the old ways or no ways.