Galyun Manu is Kaiela Arts’ all-day in-schools workshop program, which aims to create understanding and connections through art.

The program is a fun, interactive way for children from Kindergarten to year 10 to learn about aspects of local Aboriginal culture through engaging with local artists and craftspeople in art-making activities and storytelling.

Artists will spend a day in a school setting, rotating students through several different hands-on activities. Gallery Kaiela also offers an Galyan Manu – educators professional development session for the teachers and staff of the school prior to the delivery of the Galyun Manu program.

Galyun Manu

Galyun Manu is an all-day, in-schools workshop program to promote the Aboriginal connection experience and understanding through art.

Galyun Manu is a fun and interactive way for children to learn about local Aboriginal culture through hands-on art-making activities and storytelling with local Aboriginal artists and craftspeople. .

Galyun Manu is delivered by Yorta Yorta and other local Aboriginal artists through Kaiela Arts, with the objective to build understanding, connection and respect for Aboriginal culture through art.

Galyun Manu protects, reclaims and strengthens Aboriginal crafts and pedagogy against the continued threat of loss of connection with traditional knowledge, practices and crafts as living culture.

Our arts practice reflects many diverse forms and expressions of our Aboriginality and heritage, and our ways of seeing, doing, knowing and being connects well to the processes of artwork.

The Galyun Manu program offers the benefits of learning about local history, Aboriginal culture and heritage, and building relationships across cultures in our local community through an Aboriginal arts pedagogy.

What Galyun Manu involves

Galyun Manu is structured around the five activity groups listed below.

  • Signs and symbols: Learn traditional symbols, how to interpret an Aboriginal painting and then make your own story
  • Didgeridoo demonstration and playing (boys only): Each student has an opportunity to handle the instrument, play the instrument and learn about origins and tradition
  • Weave your own arm band (girls only): Introduction to weaving, using the South Eastern Australian coil weaving method – each student will weave their own arm band.
  • Storytelling: Listen to a story that references traditional Aboriginal life and culture.
  • Paint your own boomerang: Learn the history and traditional use of the boomerang and paint designs using the traditional linear and x-ray painting style.

The activities run concurrently; the activities the larger student body is split into smaller groups of no more than 20 students. Each small group will spend about 45 minutes on an activity and then move to the next activity until all are completed

Professional development

To get the most out of the Galyun Manu program, Kaiela Arts and our artists offer a Galyan Manu – educators professional development session for the teachers and staff of the school at least a week prior to the program. This includes meeting Gallery staff and artists; and overview of the Gallery’s history, aims and objective; an introduction to the South Eastern Australian traditional contemporary art styles and materials and techniques used in Galyun Manu; introduction to Aboriginal signs, symbols and language; a hands-on art experience with one of the Gallery artists. This provides teachers and staff within the school with a pre-program induction and an opportunity to ask questions prior to the delivery of the Galyan Manu program.

Booking information:

Galyan Manu Program can be customised and priced to suit your needs.  Bookings must be made at least one month in advance. It is recommended that you discuss your individual schools needs prior to booking.

To make a booking please contact us via phone (03) 5821 9842 or email.